Using an Accident to Make a Fake Doctors Note More Authentic

We sometimes find ourselves in situations where we need medication but are unable to obtain a prescription. Creating a fake doctors note can be a good way to get around this, but they can be difficult to fake without some kind of valid excuse. However, if you have been in a car accident recently, you can use that accident to make your doctor’s note more authentic.

Documenting the Accident

You never know when someone might want some proof to back up the claims you have made. That is why it is important to document your accident with pictures, video, or written statements. After an accident, you can choose to file a police report as well as a claim with your insurance agency. This is usually done for more severe accidents, where the costs of damage or medical bills can be quite high. Filing a police report or insurance claim will provide you with the legitimate documentation you need to prove your accident and resulting injuries.

You can also take photos or video of the accident as proof. Photos and video serve as great examples because they are hard to fake and can show in greater detail the amount of damage or the severity of an injury. Keeping your phone on and available during an accident is important, as you don’t want to miss on a chance to document the accident. Even a bad picture is better than no picture.

Another way you can show legitimate proof of your accident is through your repair bills. After an accident, you are usually forced into making repairs to your vehicle. In some cases, the cost of damage outweighs the total value of the car. In those cases, people are often forced into buying a new car. Saving your documents from repairs, or the new vehicle you had to buy can be great tools to add authenticity to your fake doctor’s note.

Writing the Fake Note

When you start the note is important to stick to a consistent template. You are going to want to write down the date and time, your own name (as you are pretending the doctor is writing the note about you), contact information and any specific details regarding your doctor visit. That last part is where you would want to mention the accident. Whether it is the doctor recommending a prescription, or simply suggesting that you stay off your feet, including a part about the accident in the note will make it more authentic. To make the note more authentic, try writing with your left hand, or with a different grip on your pencil. The change in handwriting will appear more natural, and if it is sloppy that is ok; doctors are notorious for having hard to read and understand handwriting.

Wrap Up

Using a recent accident is a clever way to add some authenticity to your fake doctor’s note. Keep in mind you might want to provide some proof of the accident, whether that is official documents or photographic evidence.