If you want to get hold of a good doctor note template for the workplace for a day or two, here is what you need to know. You need to fill in the template provided in such a way that it seems convincing and make it as real as possible. Faking doctor’s excuse note is illegal and has to be done in a way to look authentic and convincing when reviewed. Doctor’s excuse is a crucial document in which it can’t suffer a delay in reply to whom it may concern. Doctors excuse note for work is an important document that entails a patient’s medical history and its significance to a physician. The availability of this excuse is based on the type of medication, diet, treatment, and resting period.

5 tips on Doctors Excuse Note

  • Do not over perfect the Doctors excuse note

In searching for a perfect doctor excuse note, you have to make it look real but not over real. Most companies carry employees’ doctors’ excuse for work to fraud department to conduct a check if the documents are valid. A doctor does carry out physical examination on patients for about 10 to 15 minutes when preparing a fake excuse doctor note. In making a doctor notes that looks real, you have to do it bit hurry so that it would seem legit. Spend a brief time on it, but try to not to make over perfect because medical personnel is known for legendary handwriting and taking care of patients. Their records are in support of patients, so when writing such template makes sure the information is readable and informative, but never look nice.

  • Do not make use of the Whiteout on the Phony doctors note template.

It is illegal to use a whiteout on a patient medical history when making a fake doctors excuse. To some degree, it there is a mistake it is better to assume it out or make a mark on it and start over again. This is because medical history acknowledges mistakes to show marks on it. If a fake doctor’s excuse note has a whiteout, it shows that there is something fishy going on.

  • Sign the Phony medical document illegible.

Doctors are known for bad handwriting, so in writing a fake doctors excuse make sure that signatory to it is not readable but legible. If this is done, then, they can’t conduct a check on the note received. There is a traditional method of achieving this, employ your left hand to sign the document; it is assumed it is signed by a doctor’s right hand, which is equivalent to the left hand. Achieve this in a rapid way or better still look for a friend with a bad handwriting.

  • Change the template format if your doctor was changed.

If you want to make, the template looks real as done by the previous doctor, then there is a need for a changed template. One thing to note is that medical records are not standard and differs from one region to another because medicine is tropical. Therefore, a template change is of great importance to the employee, and this would lead to having a better template.

  • Make use of Specific medical terms during submission of Fake doctor excuse

Doctors do make use terms in their field, which is unrelated to the employer’s field. This specialized word has meanings specific to the condition as applied in the template. Also, try to make sure that the note is not written in simple English and check up for medical phrases and abbreviations to put in the doctor’s slang written down. This is willing to make it look real as if a doctor wrote it.


In conclusion, these useful tips will serve as a guide in writing a fake doctor’s excuse note for a workplace. These 5 tips should be followed according and put in the paper to secure that permission you need in your workplace.